Reading Day

In 2014 we started a tradition with our annual reading day. The idea behind it is that the children always love to tell stories – but for the reading day we encourage them to write them down and most importantly have an audience to whom they can read their stories.

Every child in the school has an opportunity to experience all that goes along with a public performance: stage fright and the relief once it is overcome, the excitement to speak publicly, use a microphone, in short be centre stage on the day.

For the children this day has already become a fix-point in the school. An incredible amount of preparation goes into it. Stories are written, rehearsed, rewritten and rehearsed again. And when the day comes, parents and friends sitting in front of the speaker, and eventually the well earned applause after reading out their stories puts everyone at ease.

And we conclude with tea, hot chocolate and biscuits – for a reading day: what better place to do that but the library of the school.

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