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There are a few new entries again. On the activities outside the school page you find a short piece about Carmel’s group going on a ride around Sligo with the local bus service.

In the after school knitting club Samara’s teddy is finished! She brought it home already. If you like to see it, go to the extra page about the after school knitting club by following this link.

Another extra page has also been added about the rope making workshop with Steffi Otto that took place in March. Highly recommended.

And obviously there are some new snippets on this page here also if you simply scroll down …

Art Workshop and Exhibition

On the 11th of March two students from the IT Sligo came to SSP for a full-day art workshop. Together with Una and Hannah the children produced a myriad of beautiful artifacts. Some impressions:

una hannah 02   una hannah 01

una hannah 10   una hannah 09

una hannah 07   una hannah 05

una hannah 03   una hannah 06

una hannah 08   una hannah 04

una hannah 11   una hannah 12

So the hall of SSP was made into an artist studio for a day and the results then were taken by Una and Hannah to bring them to the Model Gallery to display them in an exhibition of our own works. We also went to attend the official opening which took place on the 28th of March. When you look at the pictures closely you will actually recognise some of the pieces from the photos above.

exhibition 02   exhibition 01

exhibition 05   exhibition 04

exhibition 03

Korean Maths and Writing

Yu Min recently brought her abacus (counting frame) to the school and showed us how to do calculations with it.

korean maths 02   korean maths 01

And she also taught us how to write our names in Korean letters.

korean writing

The Big Snowdown

There isn’t too much snow in Ireland too often. But there was this one fabulous day when we arrived at the school in the morning and we found the whole ground covered in white:

snow 01

Deirdre and Maíre cleared the way to go in.

snow 02

But it didn’t take long and we all came out again for a day that we will surely remember for a long time. Shapes, weight, temperature, melting points, teamwork, self-care, balance, grace, light, what else do YOU see in those pictures?

snow 03   snow 04

snow 05   snow 07

snow 09   snow 08

snow 12   snow 14

snow 11

In the afternoon when Martin arrived, the snow had started melting on the ground, but the works of the children where still standing.

snow 10   snow 15

Duplo and Lego

We have recently bought a couple of new Lego models which are now used by the children to learn how to follow instruction manuals. We find it stunning how good a lot of the children actually are in reading these instructions.

We also added a new set of Duplo, the larger version of the Lego material, which is easier to use for smaller children.

lego04   legotruck1

lego 18 04

Woodwork results

Two of a number of shelves that children from Deirdre’s class made in recent weeks:

woodwork shelves 01   woodwork shelves 06

It took Hodan about 6 hours in total from the first sketch to the last screw.

woodwork shelves 02   woodwork shelves 03

woodwork shelves 05   woodwork shelves 04

Skill Development!

Well, hazard a guess who wins this game …

mini table football

Winter Performance 14th of December

Our Winter Performance took place on the 14th of December. As in the years before the children had great fun bringing dance, music and drama live on stage.

winter performance 2018 2   winter performance 2018 1

If you follow this link you will be able to go a separate page where you can see pictures from the past. It stays in the memory: penguins, jingle bells, guitars, tin whistles, somalian dances, macarena …


There are a few new texts and pictures in Activities in Classrooms, and the Chill Room pages. Simply follow the links provided here.

There is also a report on the Primary Colours Exhibition and Workshop that the older children attended. You can find it on the page Activities outside the school.

Another nice piece has been added to the Model Gallery page where you can find a report written by Olivia about a Science Workshop that took place in November.

Two new pages are added in the Extra’s section. They are about Chess, and about a Coding and Robotics Workshop. On both pages you can read reports written by the children about the activities.

Music Generation Continues

We are happy to have Dave Flynn another year teaching music to the children in the school. This year the older children get the opportunity to try the basics of playing the ukulele. This program now runs for a number of years and it is such a great addition to our school. Thanks for everyone involved in making this happen.

Classroom Routine

Classroom routines in SSP are part of the schoolday too. Some snapshots of the youngest in Carmel’s class doing work on letter “I”. This is part of the Jolly Phonics program that we use in SSP to teach phonics, sounds, and letters.

cc 01          cc 02

cc 03

For each letter there is a song. For the letter “I” it runs like this.

Kung Fu / Qi Gong

In October we had Willem Akkermans as a tutor in the school to teach the basic ideas and moves of Kung Fu / Qi Gong to the children. Kung Fu as a term means to work hard so the children are also learning the importance of focus and practice as well as having fun trying all the exercises and games.

Hello Ween

There was a party again at Halloween and as usual the children had fun dressing up.

halloween 18 03   halloween 18 01

halloween 18 02

But this year we also found out why it is actually called Hello Ween. Interested to know? Check here.

Plus: there was a Halloween special pizza invented by the children in Carmel’s class.

halloween playdough pizza 04   halloween playdough pizza 03

halloween playdough pizza 02

Harvesting Onions

There were a good few onions ready for harvesting in early October. After clearing out the patch it was quite easy for the children of Carmel’s class to pick them.

onions 01   onions 03

onions 02

The 10 Minutes Snapshots

In most cases when we take pictures of something that happens at SSP we simply stay with this activity. Carmel had the idea to take a few snapshots of the activities in the school that are on at the same time. Obviously she cannot be at two different places at exactly the same time. But she can walk around the different rooms and take pictures of what goes on within a ten minute period. Here are some of them:

10 minutes 04   articulate for kids

10 minutes 05   10 minutes 03

10 minutes 01   10 minutes 02

dye 005   dye 004

What you see quite clearly in this compilation is the extremely differentiated range of activities, instructed or self-determined, in cooperation with adults, or children on their own, creative and conceptual thinking, problem solving, whatever …

Caterina’s visit

Caterina left SSP last year because her family moved to Dublin. But in her memory she kept a connection to our school and when the chance was there to come to Sligo in June, Caterina also visited our school for a day. That was a really nice idea and the children who were in class with her last year were happy to see her again.

caterinavisit3   caterinavisit1

And Caterina’s brother Rafael decided, if his sister was to stay he would not want to go either. So we had in fact two visitors on the day.


This gives us an opportunity to also thank the De Rosa family for donating the children’s bike to the school that now is used extensively by the younger children in Carmel’s class.


School Tour 2018

A separate page has been entered into our ‘Extra’ section with pictures from the school tour 2018. Check here.

Trombone and Trumpet

If you are a regular visitor you will certainly remember the Euphonium, a brass instrument that Dave brought in one day to show it to the children. There are pictures further down this page here, if you want to scroll down.

This time Dave brought in a trombone and a trumpet. The pictures of the session with Dave tell the story without any further words:

trombone01   trombone02

trombone03   trombone04

trombone05   trombone06

trombone07   trombone08

trombone11   trombone10


And, yes, it works. Obviously not as smooth as Tommy Dorsey or Louis Armstrong yet, but there is a sound and that’s the first step.

Rhubarb and More Rhubarb

From May on our school garden is flush with rhubarb. The plants are so strong and produce such an amount of fruit that we cannot possibly use it all ourselves. Hence we brought some (actually: a wheelbarrow full) of the rhubarb to Abbeyquarter Community Centre where we would be sure it doesn’t go to waste.

rhubarb 001   rhubarb 002

rhubarb 004   rhubarb 003

Bernie’s Retirement

After five years of being with the school Bernie retired in April from her position as school cleaner. As a little present she took home with her a hand-made bench, courtesy of our woodwork room – and she also got a little farewell party with a big cream cake:


We wish to express our gratitude for her continued support that reached well beyond her job. And we hope that she can enjoy her retirement, particularly spending more time with her grandchildren.

Marshmallow Men

Sweet, Sticky, Unhealthy, all that you don’t want … and yet, great fun for once:

marshmallow 01   marshmallow 02

marshmallow 03   marshmallow 04

marshmallow 05   marshmallow 06

Easter Treasure Hunt

This is nearly a tradition now, whereby the children do a treasure hunt around the school building and premises before the Easter Holidays. This time they had to find all pieces of a jigsaw before they got the cue where the treasure was hidden. easter treasure hunt 01   easter treasure hunt 02

easter treasure hunt 04   easter treasure hunt 03

easter treasure hunt 05

St. Patrick’s Day …

… was a welcome opportunity for Deirdre’s class to try out a few new designs.

paddysday03   paddysday04

paddysday01   paddysday08

paddysday05   paddysday07

And those of the children who liked painting better had their fun, too.

paddysday06   paddyday07

Art with Shannon Re

As part of the Punc 1×1 program (see below on this page) we had Shannon Re in the school. She is an artist who also teaches painting to children. In a couple of workshops she worked with them on their painting skills, using water colours, but also crayons.

shannon art 01   shannon art 02

shannon art 03   shannon art 04

shannon art 05   shannon art 06


Mo Robertson came to the school in March to work with the children on decoupage designs. This is upcycling technique for decorating old items.

decoupage06   decoupage05

There are more pictures from the workshop with Mo on the Activities in Classrooms page.

Cake Sale Helps Sponsor New Goals

In December the senior children organised a cake sale. The money raised was used to support the purchase of new goal posts for the hall. These goals arrived in February and they are used extensively already.

Maths Games

In November parents joined the children for a day playing games in which mathematical concepts are used. Maíre had set up a number of games in the hall. Parents and children chose freely which game to play at what time and there was a lot of fun for all involved.

maths games 05   maths games 04

maths games 03   maths games 02

maths games 01

Certainly this is an activity to be repeated.

Doctor & Home

The infants in SSP have great fun at present engaging in role play on the themes of “Doctor” and “Home.” There are broken legs, aching tummies, nurses, doctors, demanding babies, patient grannies, tired brothers and sisters … all at once populating the chill room (and sometimes the corridor, too). In debating the actual course of their play the children engage in an all-encompassing curriculum, stretching from language development over SPHE as far as science and history.

babies 2017 002   babies 2017 001

babies 2017 07   babies 2017 005

As for the nurturing capacities in your child we suggest you reverse roles for a night: let your child bring you to bed, bring you a good night snack, read a book, and sing a lullaby. But don’t be surprised if you are checked for having brushed your teeth properly – as recommended by the chill room doctors.

Dodgeball 2.0

During break times many children like playing dodgeball. This has evolved over the last year and there are a few dodgeballs exhibited in our “Ball of Fame Memorial” outside Deirdre’s classroom. Recently however the children have made up a new set of rules for their games. Hence it is now called Dodgeball 2.0; if you like to know details about the variation please ask your child directly.


Snakes in Ireland

Last year we had a note on snakes in Ireland in our school newsletter. There is evidence now that a particular species of snakes in fact does exist in Ireland. It is known under its common name Cherry Blossom Dumdum. It hatches in woodwork rooms all over SSP. The most distinct feature of this variety of snake is its friendliness, particularly towards children.

snakes 003                snakes 004

snakes 002   snakes 001



Deirdre’s class has recently learned about the history of cocoa. Tariy wrote a little summary about cocoa. Here it is:

Cocoa beans come from the cocoa tree. And people take cocoa seed or cocoa beans to make chocolate. Well, that’s in our days. In the past time they made a bitter drink. It was called the drink of the gods. In the past there was no sugar, so they put spices in. After a few years they took the fat out of the chocolate and made it into bars. It was only in Central America. Now it’s in Europe and other places. And white chocolate is made from cocoa butter. Milk chocolate is milk and chocolate mixed together.”

Reading Day

The annual reading day is scheduled for Friday, 9th of March. Devoting a special day to the reading performances of the children has become a tradition over the last number of years at SSP. If you like to look back on the last years’ events, check here.

Reading is an essential element of our school life (see e. g. here).

reading 2017 007   reading 2017 003

reading 2017 002

We also read stories to the children regularly – being read to is just as important to get a feel for the value of books as is reading yourself. Over the first few weeks of the school year Deirdre’s class listened to the story “In Deep Dark Wood” by Marita Conlon-McKenna. Deirdre read the story to her class, and the children constantly discussed the content, questioned the plot, and made suggestions for the further development in the book.

Maths Games with Parents

On Friday, 24th of November we invite all parents to join the children in school to play a number of Maths Games. These games are an important part of our teaching/learning of mathematical concepts. They are great fun and we would be delighted if we had a lot of parents as our guests on the day. The activities will start at 10 a.m.

Film Society

A group of Deirdre’s class is working on the production of another film. The children decided that the them would be a “crazy family.” They have developed and written the script in the time before the Halloween break. At present we are rehearsing. The actual filming is envisaged for the first weeks in the new year.


Halloween Party 2017

Another year – another party. Halloween was as usual a very exciting event at SSP. Some snapshots …

   halloween decoration 001   halloween decoration 002

halloween 2017 012   halloween 2017 006

halloween 2017 008   halloween 2017 001

halloween 2017 002   halloween 2017 013

halloween 2017 004   halloween 2017 009

Swiss Chard

There is still swiss chard available directly from our organic garden in the school. The plants will be ready for harvesting until severe frost sets in. Please let us know a day of two in advance if you wish to get some of the swiss chard (and how much). We will then pick it for you and give it to your child to bring home.


Punc 1 x 1

SSP takes part in a cooperation with the Model Gallery, Sligo. During the school year 2017/18 there will be paintings from the Niland Collection exhibited in the school. Each painting will be on display for a few weeks.

Visits of artists to the school will take place, too. These will be organised by the Model Gallery. We are glad to be one of seven school in County Sligo to take part in this fabulous project in the coming year.

While a painting is exhibited at SSP the title of the painting is not initially revealed and the children are encouraged to come up with their own ideas and thoughts what would be the best name for it. Here are some titles the children came up with for the first painting:

The Happy Death; Twilight; Alive and Dead; Ugly Faces; Two Faces Behind the Stage; Two Sad Souls; Two in Dark Light; Two People at Night; The Night Sky; Frightened in the Dark; People Behind Bars (The idea being that they are prisoners); Bodies in a Coffin; Drowned in the Water; The Full Moon; Mum and Dad (The artist might have painted his/her parents who are dead); The After Life; The Dead of the Moon; The Wonders of the Soul; The Dead of the Night; Grounded (Locked in their room); Suicide; The Corrupted Souls.

The original title was  “Two After Dark” and the painter was Anne Yeats. The children tried their own versions of it also:

punc 1 x 1 005   punc 1x1 001

Before the artist was revealed the children also speculated about the painter.

Most of the children thought the artist is female.

Some thought the artist is male.

Most of the children think the artist was young.

Some children thought the artist is older (The theory is that the artist is depressed and older people are more likely to be depressed).

All of the children felt that the artist was sad when they painted the picture.

Other thoughts from the children

Perhaps the artist was thinking about their own death.

Maybe the faces are of a mother and child. The child (artist) is looking forward to seeing their mother in the afterlife.

The black and blue are dark colours but yet there is light coming from somewhere. Maybe things will get better for the artist.


After School Activity: Woodwork

Woodwork is offered for children as an after school activity on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. This is a highly individualised session in which always two children work on their own projects. So far Tommie has finished a toy house, and Samara built a musical chair (it is musical because the back of the chair is raised above head level and strings can be attached to it to play a tune). Tariq is currently building a boxing ring for toy figures and Paddy works on a box for precious items that could get mislaid otherwise.


Music Generation

Dave Flynn is currently working with Deirdre’s class for 14 weeks doing keyboard lessons. From January on he will work for another 14 weeks with Carmel’s class. Dave offers music lessons at SSp for the last three years and we are extremely happy to have him as a tutor for the children (see also here).

With Carmel’s class now the focus will be on rhythm, melody and learning songs together.

Dave will be in SSP every Thursday.


Weekly School Meetings

Our weekly school meetings will continue to take place each Friday. In the meeting children and adults discuss any pressing issue. These meetings have grown into a really important part of our school life. Here the children find a forum to voice suggestions for activities, and solve problems that concern the entire school population.


NCCA proposal for review of Primary School Curriculum

The Board of Directors of Sligo School Project has issued a statement as a submission to the call by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment for feedback on the proposal for review of the Primary School Curriculum. The statement can be read by following this link.


Babies in Carmel’s room

We can proudly present the results of another addition to SSP: Four babies have arrived in Carmel’s room! They were already received with great joy by the children in the school.

babies08   babies06

babies05   babies10

Obviously babies need a lot of attention and the one or the other time there are wet nappies, too.

babies04   babies03


Chess tournament at SSP

We had children from Ballisodare and Manorhamilton at SSP recently for another chess tournament. These events are a real thrill, you never know in advance how good the other players will be. A great credit to John Conlon who initiated the series of tournaments .

chess ssp 01   chess ssp 02

If you jump over to the page on activities outside the school, you will find a couple of pictures from the tournament in Manorhamilton, too. The whole set-up is well thought through and we will definitely participate as long as the children enjoy playing chess.


The Euphonium …

… is probably not the best known musical instrument amongst children and teenagers. At any rate we now have a fair understanding of the instrument thanks to Dave Flynn who comes to SSP on a weekly basis teaching music. Carmel’s class had a go at the Euphonium in the last session and wow, it was hard work!

euphonium 01   euphonium 02

euphonium 03   euphonium 04

euphonium 06   euphonium 05

euphonium 07

If you don’t know what sort of sound to expect from the Euphonium, check here for an impression.


Update in stages

An amount of material, pictures and snippets of information has been gathered over the last couple of weeks. We try to put it all up on the webpage, however it will take a little while to do so, hence it will be an update in stages …

So far, you may have a look at the newly added pages in the ‘Extra-Menu‘, on the page about classroom activities, activities in the school, or also on the quiz-page (yes, we had a winner, in fact a winning team). A bit on the reading day is here further below. More to follow.


Reading Day

Our annual reading day took place on the 9th of March. We changed around the setting a bit. The children read their stories and presentations in Carmel’s room. Here the PA-system could be used together with the whiteboard.

reading day 201703                reading day 201702

reading day 201701

The Chillroom was left free to play particularly for younger brothers and sisters who could not follow the presentations over a longer period of time.

The most remarkable thing on the day was certainly the increase in standards of reading. Whoever attended the reading day over the last few years will have witnessed a massive progress in the reading skills of all children.

We are trying to source the texts that the children have composed for the day and once we get their o.k. we’ll put them up on the page, too. Check again.

If you like to have a look at material on the reading day from the last few years, follow this link.



We are open for enrolments for the coming school year. If you are interested in sending your child to SSP feel free to contact us at 071 9143073. Our enrolment policy can be found here. Please be aware that it is essential that a pre-enrolment meeting takes place between parents and school representatives.


GAA Amigos Skills Competition

Eight children will represent SSP in this year’s GAA skills competition:

Ieva Stankevicz, Cassie Sweeney, Samara Myers, Aya Alobaidi, Paddy Sweeney, Michael Sweeney, Manus Irwin, Matthew Cullen.

The event will take place at Summerhill College. It will be staged as an after school activity and Deirdre will bring our team to the competition. A date is yet to be confirmed. Meanwhile the children will be practising regularly.



The children in SSP really got into the game of chess. After learning the basics they are now moving on to even take part in competitions. They played a tournament in Manorhamilton before the winter holidays. And there is a big day planned for the 7th of February when we are going to host a tournament ourselves in SSP. Up to 90 children from three schools are expected to take part and we are looking forward to it already.

chess new 05


Cake Sale and Jumble Sale

There is a new entry about the cake sale and jumble sale on the page on activities in the school. To see it just follow this link.


Work Experience

Over the next couple of weeks we will have two students doing work experience in SSP.

Shannon Doherty is a student of Early Childhood Care and Education at Sligo IT. She will be with us until April.

Kirsty Conlon is a transition year student from Elphin. She will be with us every Friday for ten weeks.


Sophie arriving

Congratulations to Chloe Nairn who gave birth to her daughter Sophie in December. And welcome to Sophie herself. We wish her all the best in her life. During the absence of Chloe we will have Rachel Bourke as maternity cover for three days every week teaching in SSP.

A warm welcome to Rachel also.



Due to constand exposure to the weather the goal posts of the handball goals on the yard start to get weaker at the connection to the frame. Together with children from Deirdre’s class Robert is making new goalposts in the woodwork room. This work is currently ongoing and the posts will be replaced soon.

goalposts02  goalposts01