Model Gallery

On the 6th of June, the children went to a show in the Model Gallery. A story-teller told two stories and used masks and other props to help her. After the stories were told, the children had time to look in more detail at the masks and try them on. They were quite impressive as you can see in the photographs. Unfortunately, there was no time for the children to create their own masks but I’m sure we will manage that ourselves in school.

Here you can have a look at the pictures and also read Michael’s report:

puppets 02   puppets 01

puppets 03   puppets 05

puppets 06   puppets 09

puppets 07   puppets 11

The Model

Today we went to the Model Gallery to see a show. A lady told us two stories. She had lots of masks to help her tell the stories. The first story was about a wicked cat. The cat could talk and it was very bossy. A strange man on a horse tricked the cat.

The second story was about a man and a mermaid. The man’s name was Fionn. He saw a naughty lady on his way fishing. She said that she knew which fish he wanted to catch. She gave him some bait to put on his hook. She told him to go to the black lake. When he was standing on the rocks, something pulled him into the black lake. He met a mermaid. He had to fight three sharks. When he managed to beat the sharks, he got out of the lake.

After the stories, we got to see the masks and try them on. Deirdre took some pictures of us.

I enjoyed the visit to the model.

By: Michael Tomaszewski



In November, the children all went to an exhibition and workshop in the Model Gallery. The exhibition was about the history of play. It was inspired by the educator Friedrich Froebel who advocated that children learn through play. In Sligo School Project, we appreciate the importance of play in children’s lives and we ensure that play in incorporated into the children’s learning as much as possible. As is clear from the photographs, the children very much enjoyed exploring all of the play equipment in the Model and they showed how creative they can be. It was a great experience for everyone involved. An added bonus was the hot chocolate that the children enjoyed.

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