Annual symposia

The ethos of a school is a living thing. It needs monitoring and regular review. Life circumstances change according to social developments. The five principles on which the school is build need to be set into relation to the ever changing social environment. With our annual symposium we address the need for discussion and exchange on our ethical foundation. We concentrate on one of the principles each year.

In 201o the topic was child-centredness. Link here.

In 2011 the topic was ‘co-education’. Link here.

In 2012 the topic was ‘multi-denominational’. Link here.

In 2013 the topic was ‘Democracy and school’. Link here.

In 2014 the topic is ‘open communication’. Link here.


For participating in the symposium no registration is necessary, simply show up and take part. To bring: an open mind and some humor.

We usually organise child-minding. Participants who wish to bring their children with them are welcome to do so, but prior registration of children is necessary so that we can arrange for adequate catering for the children on the day.