Guitar Lessons

By: Cassie and Samara (3rd Class)


Deirdre’s class started guitar lessons a few weeks ago. The teacher’s name is Dave Flynn. He is brilliant at guitar. He plays in a band. Sometimes he plays Spanish music for us and we say ‘Olé’.

Dave teaches us all about the guitar. It is an acoustic guitar. It has 6 strings. Dave told us how to remember the names of the strings:

Eddie Ate Dynamite Good Bye Eddie E A D G B E

We learned about the nut and frets. He showed us how to play chords for songs. We only use 3 frets, Dave uses lots more. The handle part is called the neck of the guitar. Here are the chords we have learned so far:

G Em C D Bm7 A

We can play lots of songs with these chords like Frozen, Wagon Wheel, Shut up and Dance, Hit the Diff, Bills and Twinkle Twinkle. It is hard to change the chords fast but we are getting better. We love learning the guitar. We will do it for 15 weeks. Dave comes to the school every Monday for an hour. We all have our own guitar to use. Music Generation let us borrow them. It is good fun and Dave is good fun too. At the end, he sings a song for us. This is one of his songs:

“Some songs are very, very long,

This one isn’t!”


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