Woodwork is a unique feature in Sligo School Project. We offer the opportunity for the children to work in pairs or small groups in the woodwork room. They can develop their own ideas and get support to produce whatever they wish to create as far as it is possible with the material and tools available.

Some recent creations:

woodwork 23-09   woodwork 23-07

woodwork 23-04   woodwork 23-06

woodwork 23-05   woodwork 23-01

woodwork 23-02   woodwork 23-03

And some of the earlier works:

woodwork192005   woodwork192004

woodwork192001   woodwork192002

The children always make up their own individual designs. So we got for example … a Roman town, phone stands, a cat house, some more houses for little brothers and sisters, swords, snakes, box-rings, and flintstone cars.

woodwork shapes 03   woodwork shapes 02

woodwork shapes 07   woodwork shapes 08   woodwork shapes 12   woodwork shapes 18

woodwork shapes 10   woodwork shapes 11

woodwork shapes 13   woodwork shapes 15

woodwork shapes 17

swords3   swords1

flintstone car 2   flintstone car 1

box ring 1   box ring 5


And obviously always a great thing to bring home: A brand new handmade marble track!

woodwork17 01

When the first house was ready it was not easy to fit it into the car but at the end it worked out o.k. – it will be the new home of Samara’s dog. Enjoy!

woodwork 17 02   woodwork17 03

woodwork17 04