O.k. we found the winner of our banana cake quiz. The entries were checked by our adjudicator Conor who is an ex-pupil of SSP and he picked a question by the group of Nabil, Gary and Carmel as the best unanswerable question. This is it:

What ingredients can not be put into a banana cake? List them all!

We are aware that strictly grammatical there are two parts of which only the first is a question, while the second is an instruction. However we had no problem accepting this entry because it is a rather smart question in terms of unanswerability.

The winners enjoyed sharing their prize with all the rest of the children in the school. Banana cake galore …

quizz banana cake 1   quizz banana cake 2

quizz banana cake 5

quizz banana cake 4   quizz banana cake 3

We will check with the children if somebody wants to put forward a new task for another quiz, and if so it will be posted here soon.

This was the task for the first quiz

This quizz is open to everyone in the school community: children, parents, siblings, teachers etc. If you wish to participate, all you need to do is:

Send us

three questions

about banana cakes

that nobody can answer.

We will collect all entries until the 17th of February. This is our deadline. If you wish to take part you need to have your list handed in by the 17th of February latest. You can give your list to any of the teachers.

And yes, there will be a winner also. Whoever sends in the best unanswerable questions will be chosen as the winner of the quiz.

We will build an independent jury from within the school to determine the winner. Obviously if one of your questions can be answered you can’t win, thus make them as hard as possible!

And yes again, there will be a prize! The prize for the winner is a home-made banana cake and we know exactly how delicious those things are, so get yourself into gear and start making up your questions soon.