Things come alive in Sligo School Project

Things Come Alive in Sligo School Project.

(By Tom)

It was Friday evening in Sligo School Project. It was quiet. There was no one around and not a sound to be heard. All the children and adults had gone home and they would not be back until Monday morning.

It was time for the books to come alive. All of a sudden, the books began to fly off the shelves. Because they had no eyes they could not see where they were going. They were like bats in the light. They bumped into things hitting the wall, hitting the door and hitting the ceiling. The books hit the fire alarm. The alarm went off. The fire brigade came to the school. However when the fire brigade arrived everything was back to normal. The books had used their paper imagination to guide them back to their places on the shelves. The fire men looked all around the school for a fire. There was no fire. They were angry as they hopped back into their fire engine. There faces were purple with rage.

Next it was the turn of the pencils to come alive. They wrote on copies. They also blew the electricity out. The pencils have no eyes so they can’t see. Now the lead in the pencils is strong. The pencils imagination is the wood. The pencils wrote the ‘f’ word on the children’s copies. The pencils drew on the walls. The pencils drew pictures and all the pictures came to life. The world map grew legs and walked off to Deirdre’s class. The pencils, books, pictures and the world map had a big disco.

Everything got tired and they decided to go back to their own places. The books went back to the shelves. The pencils went back to their boxes. The world map stayed in Deirdre’s room. On Monday the adults and the children came back to school. Carmel looked for the world map. She could not find it……..

The End.