Zombies and Dinosaurs in Sligo School Project

Zombies and Dinosaurs in Sligo School Project.

It was midnight on Tuesday the 3rd of March 2014.

John was in the Sligo School Project. He got a text and he saw, “Dear John, Fabergé” Suddenly the writing came to life. John screamed and ran in to the boys toilet. The toilet was broken so he ran in to the girls toilet and flushed the text down the toilet.

Then he saw a wizard in the school. The wizard knocked on the door and he opened the door. Boo! he said to John. John got an awful fright and he fell down on the ground. He hurt himself.

John’s friends came and they knocked on the front door of the school. They came in to the school. Mary’s class came too.

Now the wizard had a shot gun. John got a gun and he shot the wizard. The wizard died.

Next some zombies and a Spinosaurus came in to the school. They attacked the school. John ran out of the school and in to the church. There was a T-Rex in the church. John survived and he ran away from the church. He was scared that the dinosaurs and zombies would come to attack him. He tied to run as fast as he could but the dinosaurs were determined to get John. The zombies came after John too. There were one million zombies. John was terrified because he was surrounded by zombies. He ran back to the school to get help from his friends.

All the children tried to attack the zombies. Mary’s class came to fight them too. Connor came with a shot gun and he shot zombies. Tomas came too and all the zombies were killed.

Suddenly the children realized that it was starting to get bright outside. It was almost morning and they had been in the school all night long. All the zombies and dinosaurs disappeared. They were never to be seen again. All the children were very tired so they went home. They went to bed and slept all the next day until Thursday.

On Wednesday morning Carmel came and opened up the school. All the other children from Deirdre’s class and Carmel’s class were in school. Nobody knew why Mary’s class, Connor, Tomas and Riccardo were not in school. On Thursday Connor Tamas and Riccardo told about their adventure but nobody believed them.

The End.

By Tamas, Riccardo and Connor.