Pluto Attack

Pluto Attack. (By Oli, Tymon and Fionn)

It was 9 o’clock on Saturday night, the 1st of March 2014. Suddenly there was a very loud bang in Sligo. Pluto had crashed in to Sligo School Project. Zombies came out of Pluto.

Oli, Tymon and Fionn heard the crash and they went to see what was happening. When they got to the school all the angry bird starwars were there with the zombies. Luke Angrybird said, “Lord Sidious is alive. None of you can come in my x-wing” Mace Windu told Fionn, Oli and Tymon that they could come on Mace Windu’s Starfighter. They all went in Mace Windus Starfighter. Fighters came in front of the window screen. Fighters are evil.

Mace Windu said to Tymon, “Go to the left side of Endor”. Fionn and Oli were told to go to Degobak. Fionn and Oli met Luke Skywalker Angrybird. He said to Yoda, “I need to leave you”. Mace Windu came. He said “You all need to come with me . I will go on my x-wing. They all got in the star fighter and x-wing.

Inside the school the zombies were turning into skeletons. The skeletons were spreading around the school. There were army skeletons. They were bashing the doors and wrecking the place.

Mace Windu brought Fionn, Oli and Tymon home. All the zombies got trapped in the school and died.

All the school children came back on Monday to Sligo School Project. Nobody except Tymon, Oli and Fionn knew what had happened on Saturday night 1st of March 2014.