Zombies come to life in the school

Zombies come to life in the school.

(by Michael, Manus and Ali)

It was 10 o’clock on Friday night on the 28th of February 2014. Manus, Michael and Ali came back to the school. The gate and the yellow door was not locked so they came in to the school. When they came in to the school they realised that there were zombies in the school. The zombies were playing in the hall. Ali, Manus and Michael found guns in a secret tunnel in the school garden and they killed the zombies. However more and more zombies appeared.

Ali, Manus and Michael went back to the secret tunnel in the school garden. Ali saw a rocket in the tunnel. Scientists had put the rocket there. It was a massive rocket. The three boys got into the rocket and they flew up in to space. Suddenly the light went off inside the rocket and Ali put on the torch. He saw a zombie right in front of him. The zombie bit Ali. Manus helped Ali and the zombie died. Another zombie bit Michael. Manus and Ali helped Michael but they could not kill the zombie. Michael got a rocket launcher. Michael killed the giant zombie. One hundred more zombies kept appearing every hour. The boys decided to land the rocket on the moon. They had no chance to survive because there were too many zombies. Then luckily they had one chance to survive. The sun was shining on the moon and all the zombies died.

The boys got back in to the rocket. Some Indians joined them. One of the Indians was a scientist. The Indian scientist helped to land the rocket in Iraq. When the boys got out of the rocket they saw that by magic Sligo School Project was there. They bought a place where the school went. The boys stood there looking at everything. That night the boys could not sleep.

They were afraid that more zombies would appear.

The next morning the boys got back into the rocket to go back to Ireland. When they were in the rocket more zombies appeared on the outside of the rocket and started to break into the rocket. Ali, Manus and Michael ran to their school bags and grabbed their school pencil and loaded the pencil gun on the rocket. They shot all the zombies with their pencils. They landed back in Ireland and realised it was the weekend. They slept the whole weekend.

On Monday they went to school and decided they would not tell the class what happened in case the others would be too scared but Manus, Ali and Michael knew what happened and they were ready if the zombies ever appeared again.

 The End.