The sand spirit

The Sand Spirit. (by Finn Leenheer)

One day a boy called Tony was doing his homework . Suddenly he heard a knock on the door. He saw Michael’s brother standing at the door. Tony was kidnapped by Michael’s brother and taken to the wizard’s den. The wizard’s den was in Sligo School Project in a passage under the floor. The wizard wanted Tony to drink some of the potion which he had in his den. Tony thought it was just tasty juice. He drank the green one because he loved apple juice.

Suddenly Tony’s arms turned into legs and four more legs popped out of his belly. He had turned into a sand spider. Then the wizard heard a hiss coming from under the floor boards. He looked down and saw two yellow eyes staring up at him. The wizard was turning into a pile of dust.

The other children has stayed late in the school that evening for a book writing project. They all came running into the room when they heard the hissing sound. They saw a two-headed giant serpent angrily flicking its two tails. In one of its huge hands it held a massive staff, while its two tongues quickly flicked in and out of its mouth.“Look” said Finn, “There is venom in the staff. A girl called Sally tried to grab the staff off him but it was too late. Tonnes of sand burst up through the floor boards and started to fill the room. The powerful force of the sand flung the children around the room and they were knocked out cold.

Finn was the first one to wake up as he was not as badly hurt as the others. He started shaking his friends to wake them up. When he got Sally woken up she noticed a spider crawling down her face. She screamed in fear, not realising that it was Tony.

Sally slapped the spider off her face and Tony went flying around and around. When Tony landed on the ground he noticed what he thought was more apple juice, so he drank it. Tony did not realise that it was a cure.

Next thing his arms shrank back to normal and he was Tony again. Tony sneaked up behind Sally; and said Boo! Sally jumped. Suddenly the snake popped up and tried to hypnotise a boy called George. Finn and Michael sneaked up behind the snake and picked up a rock and threw it at the snake. Next, they picked up two swords and they chopped off the two heads of the snake. Next thing everything around them disappeared and they were back in the school. Then Tony found real apple juice and he said “ At last…”

The next day everyone thought it was a dream apart from Finn and Michael. They were the only ones who knew it really happened.