Creatures come alive at night in school

Creatures Come Alive at Night in School

By Rachel Clerkin

Last Wednesday, the most astonishing thing happened. The creatures in my school came alive at night!

My friends and I went to an after school reading night. But we came too late, we came at 9:30p.m but we didn’t realise that it was on at 7:30p.m.

The front door of our school was still open.

So we got some confidence and walked in.

First we looked down at the office and Mary Gilligan’s room. We opened the front door of the office, and saw the cupboard doors opening and closing and the computer automatically put on YouTube with the song ‘Wrecking Ball’ on. I looked at my friends who had a worried look on their faces.

We ran out of there with shaking legs!

As fast as we could, we ran down to Mary’s room, and we saw all the baby dolls dancing the waltz. Just two were sitting in a corner staring at us singing the creepiest song ever!!!

Then a stuffed animal JUMPED onto my friend. The animal tried to rip her face off!

She screamed with fear!


Then we heard a popping sound. I looked at my friend and her left eye was gone. The stuffed animal ate her eye and ran off. She was in so much pain she couldn’t even speak. I asked her was she okay and she just moaned with pain. I was seriously worried about her. We put her on her feet, and we tried out best to run out. We ran up to Carmel Morley’s room where there were even more creepy dolls, toys and creepy creatures. Then we walked into the toy room we’re all the creepy dolls and toys surrounded us. We started to cry, we thought we were going to die.

All the toys stared at us, with grins on their small little faces! We looked at each other with fear!!!

We screamed and just looked at each other; all the toys started circling us. We tried jumping over them, but there were too many. We thought they were going to kill us! But all the toys just looked at us and smiled with evilness in their eyes.

Please, please, please just let us go, we did nothing to you! Please!” I pleaded.

The dolls stopped and said, “We come in peace.”

Give us food!” they demanded.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out a Galaxy chocolate bar, I gave it to the dolls and toys and ran very fast. We walked up the corridor and heard a person trying to sing. (Between you, me it was really bad). The person was singing ‘ I believe I can Fly, I believe I can touch the sky.’ We went up to see who it was. It was the cleaning lady Bernie. She turned around with big, black, blood shot eyes, saying “Hi, gggggiiiirrrrllllssss” in an evil voice. We knew by the way she was looking at us there was something wrong! She wasn’t her normal, bubbly self. Suddenly I looked down at her mop and it wasn’t a mop head!!! It was a cute, baby doll’s head at the end of the handle!!!

This is really freaky girls; let’s get out of here NOW!!!” I said panicking.

W e sprinted to the front door trying our best to get out of this freak show. But the door was locked. We turned around because we heard little footsteps coming towards us. One of the dolls was just about to bite me WHEN………….. I jumped out of my bed with cold sweats. I sat up and shouted, “MMUUMM!!” Quickly, my Mum ran into my room and came over to me asking if I was okay.

Was this all a dream?” I asked confused.

I looked up at my clock beside my baby doll and it winked at me. I looked again and it was just sitting there and my parents said, “MEAHAHAHAHAHAHA.”