A scary night in Sligo School Project

A Scary Night in Sligo School Project

It all happened on the 22nd of May 2013. It was ’Open Night’ for all new pupils and parents. My sister, Naomi, was going to start in my school in September so my mum was going to the Open Night. Shania, Naomi and I went with Mum.

After a while, Shania and Naomi were getting bored so they went to play in the chill room. I had fun with my friends and the parents got tea and cake. We got some cake too. It was delicious.

Soon it was time to go home. We all got into the car but Naomi ran back inside because she forgot her doll. We were all talking and we didn’t notice that Naomi was not in the car. We were almost at home when I asked, “Where is Naomi?”

My mum started to panic. She turned the car and we raced back to school. Everyone was gone but there was a light on and one of the doors was open. It was a bit scary going into the dark school but my mum told me to get Naomi so I went inside.

When I got to the chill room, all of the toys were sitting in a circle with Naomi and they were playing ‘Duck, Duck, Goose.” I rubbed my eyes because I thought this couldn’t be real. But it was real. Naomi was so excited. She ran to me and told me that she had lots of new friends.

Suddenly, a giant doll walked towards us. It was the same size as me. It looked a bit scary because its eyes were bright red. Then I noticed that there was a scissors in its hand.

Kill, kill,” it kept saying in a deep voice and it got closer and closer.

Go away,” Naomi shouted. She was about to start crying. It had been dark outside but suddenly, the sun began to rise. It was morning. The toys all fell on the ground and they were not alive any more. Naomi was fast asleep on the floor.

My mum came into the room.

Here you are,” she said, “I have been looking for you. What took you so long?”

She picked up Naomi and we went out to the car. In the car, I tried to tell my mum about the toys but she just laughed.

You have a great imagination,” she said.

Naomi didn’t remember anything. So I’m still wondering if it was real but I think it was. It’s my secret.

The End

By: Chantel Sweeney

March 2014