Toys come alive in Sligo School Project

Toys Come Alive in Sligo School Project

By: Tori Myers

March 2014

One night, there was a meeting in Sligo School Project. My mum was going to the meeting and I went with her. The meeting was in the chill room so I took a walk around the school. I decided to go into Carmel’s room because there are lots of toys there.

I saw something moving in the corner. First I thought it was a mouse but when I got closer, I saw it was a teddy bear walking all by itself. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

The teddy said, “Hello.” It could talk. I thought I was dreaming but I was awake. The teddy walked over to me and said, “Every night, we come alive.” Just then, all of the toys walked over to me. There were dolls and lego characters. They were friendly and asked me to get some food for them. I said, “Yes” and we all walked down to the staffroom. I found some biscuits and gave them to the toys. They were very thankful.

Next, we played games and listened to music. We also played on the computer. We had so much fun.

Suddenly, I heard my mum calling me. The meeting was over. I ran to tell her about the toys but when we got back to the room, the toys were all gone back to normal. I tried to explain to her what had happened but she didn’t believe me. Then I thought to myself, maybe they only come alive in front of children.

I know it was real. Some day, I will go to visit them again.