The Fantastic Four

The fantastic four


It was Reading Night in Sligo School Project. Deirdre went to lock up the school when it was over. Three hours later, she still hadn’t come home. Conor started to get worried. He decided to go to the school to see what had happened since Deirdre hadn’t brought her mobile phone with her and he couldn’t contact her.

On his way, he met Kaelem and Shane. Kaelem was coming out of Aldi and Shane had been in the church. The three boys then walked to the school gate together. They saw their friend, Mubashar, sitting on the light block at the front of the school. He was waiting for his mum to pick him up.

Conor saw Deirdre’s car so he knew she must be inside. Then Mubashar saw this strange looking person with Deirdre in a headlock. The boys could clearly see the two of them through the office window.

I’m going to call 999,” whispered Conor but when he was about to dial the number, a video appeared on the screen of his phone. It was a video of Deirdre tied up on a chair with a knife to her throat. She had been kidnapped! Conor was really worried.

We have to help,” said Conor.

No way,” answered Shane, “I’m getting out of here!”

Just as he was about to walk out the gate, it slammed shut. Mark, the community guard was passing by on his bicycle so Shane shouted to him; “Mark, help, Deirdre’s in trouble!” but Mark just waved and laughed, thinking he was joking. That’s what you get for messing all the time! Suddenly, the front doors of the school slowly opened and standing in the entrance was the strange figure beckoning us to come inside. Mubashar immediately started walking towards the door. He seemed to be almost in a trance.

Come back,” shouted Kaelem but Mubashar kept on walking.

We’d better follow him,” said Conor reluctantly.

By the time the three boys were inside, Mubashar was nowhere to be seen. They carefully opened the office door but the office was empty. Then they heard what sounded like a humming noise in the distance. The noise got louder and louder. The boys’ hearts began to thud. They were frozen with fear. Kaelem was brave enough to peep out the door. Conor, on the other hand, was hiding behind the door shaking. They were all very relieved when they heard Bernie, the school cleaner, singing happily. The humming noise they heard was actually Bernie’s hoover.

Hi, Bernie,” said Kaelem, “Have you seen Deirdre?”

She didn’t reply and the boys noticed that she was wearing headphones. Slowly and nervously the boys walked up the corridor in an attempt to find Deirdre and Mubashar. All of a sudden, Mubashar came walking up behind them and said, “Hey, guys.” The guys nearly jumped out of their skin.

Don’t do that,” said Conor.

Sorry,” said Mubashar, “Follow me, they’re in the staffroom.”

When they got to the staffroom, there was no one there. They had a quick look around and Shane noticed a trapdoor in the corner.

I never saw that before,” said Shane surprised. He bravely opened the door. As he opened it, a spider crawled on his hand. Shane suffers from arachnophobia so when he saw the spider, he swung his arm back to get rid of it. Mubashar was standing right behind Shane and he got smacked in the nose. There was blood everywhere and his glasses fell off. He got down on his hands and knees to search for his glasses.

I found them!” he yelled but at that moment he fell down a staircase that was leading from the trapdoor.

My leg,” he roared.

He must have hurt himself,” said Kaelem. “We’d better go and help him.”

It was dark and scary looking but eventually Conor was brave and said he would go first. Cautiously, the three boys walked down the steps. Mubashar was sitting on the bottom step cleaning his glasses.

Are you ok?” asked Shane.

I’m fine, I didn’t really huet my leg, I just wanted to get you lot down here.”

Shane noticed a bright light at the end of a long, dark tunnel so they headed that direction. The tunnel led straight to the boiler room. Deirdre was tied up in the corner. She was trying to speak but there was tape over her mouth.

BANG! The door shut behind them. The strange figure was actually a man and the boys recognised him. He was a past pupil of the school. Kaelem put his boxing skills to good use. With one punch, he knocked the kidnapper to the ground. Mubashar grabbed his legs and Shane kicked him in the mouth and knocked out his two front teeth. Conor grabbed one of the teeth and stuck it in his eye.

OW!” he was screaming in pain. Blood squirted out of his eye. The boys quickly untied Deirdre and called 999. The guards arrived in a few minutes since the barracks is very close to the school. The boys told the guards what had happened and the guards put handcuffs on the man. They praised the children for their actions.

Meanwhile, Deirdre was recovering from having been kidnapped. She was so grateful to the children for having rescued her that she said they would have no homework for the rest of the year. Then she took them to Mc Donalds as they were all starving. The evening didn’t end too badly after all!


By; Mubashar, Conor, Shane and Kaelem

March 2014