Leo Casey

Leo Casey is currently working at the National College of Ireland, Dublin, as:

He teaches the modules of:

  • Theories of Learning and Teaching
  • Cultural and Individual Aspects of Learning,
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Contextual Studies

For a full profile please refer to Leo’s own webpage which you can access here.

It is commonly assumed that what happens in schools is adequately described as teaching and learning. Yet teaching and learning are not the same thing. That learning is a consequence of teaching is in itself a questionable proposition. Furthermore there are various ways to understand what learning actually is, or should be.

At the symposium Leo Casey will address the complex of communication in relation to the learning environment of primary school. Communication will be looked in dimensions of: knowledge, skill, and disposition. Where learning is understood as a process of inquiry communication becomes a central aspect. The concept of learning as inquiry will provide the starting point for our discussion with Leo and we will try to bridge from there to the idea of ‘open communication’.