School Tour 2016

The success of last year’s tour meant that the children asked to go back to Lough Gara Riding Stables again this year. This time, the younger children came too. The weather was glorious on the day so it made the trip even more enjoyable.

Lough Gara is a lake not far from Boyle in County Roscommon so the journey didn’t take too long. We arrived at 10am and had a full day’s activities. The children went horse riding and they also went on a boat trip on the lake. They even got to steer the boat! Other activities included shooting, archery, grooming the animals as well as having time to pet the animals. At the end of the day, the children got very close to an owl which sat on their arms. They were wearing a special glove to protect their skin.

The photographs and the two reports by Hodan and Samara give an impression of the day.

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Lough Gara Riding Stables

On the 31st of May, our class and Carmel’s class went on a school tour to Lough Gara Riding Stables.

When we arrived, a lady split us up into groups.

My group:

Paddy   –   Hodan   –   Farhio   –   Anna   –   Tom   –   Michael (me)

Here are some of the activities that we did:

Assault Course

Boat Ride (including steering the boat)

Horse Riding



It was a fun day.

by Michael Sweeney

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Lough Gara

On the 31st of May, our class and Carmel’s class went to Lough Gara Riding Stables for our school tour. First we got the bus and the bus drove us to Lough Gara. We got there and we put our bags in a room. The lady split us into 4 groups. Michael, Paddy, Farhio, Anna, Tom and I were in the same group.

First we went on the boat. The man pushed the boat into the water and we went around the lake and it was fun. Next we did the obstacle course. We had to climb over things and under things. After that we did horse riding. I liked the horse riding. It was fun. I wasn’t scared.

At lunch time we ate outside and we got to see the animals. My team and I did shooting and archery. We played with the rabbits and the pony. I saw the pig. It was a big pig.

We got the bus and the bus drove us to the school. It was home time but it was lots of fun.

The End

By: Hodan Khalif

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School Tour

On the 31st of May, we went on our school tour. We went to Lough Gara. My class went and Carmel’s class came too.

We were split in four groups. The choices were horse riding, boat riding on the lake, shooting, obstacle course, archery and playing with the pets.

Horse riding was scary. Some children were not scared. It was great fun. Boat riding was fun too. When you put your hand in the water, the water splashed. If you kept it in the water, you got splashed and whoever was sitting behind you and beside you got splashed too. It was such fun.

It was cool at the end, we got to see an owl.

I loved the school tour.

By: Samara Myers

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