Killer Babies

Killer Babies

It was our last day in primary school. Tara, Sofia, Conor and I (Jade) decided to go over town to celebrate. We all agreed to go to Costa because they have amazing hot chocolate. We grabbed our bags and off we went. I decided to get my phone out of my pocket because I needed to call my mum but when I put my hand in my pocket the phone wasn’t there. I panicked for a moment because I only had my phone for two days.

My phone is gone!” I shouted.

Everyone was saying that we should go back to school and get it.

So we headed back to school. We were outside the school when we heard a strange noise. The noise sounded like a baby crying. So we went to investigate. We opened a door that our teacher forgot to lock and the crying stopped. As soon as we went to get the phone, the crying started again. Suddenly, we heard a phone ring.

My phone!” I yelled. I ran after the ringing phone and once again the crying stopped. Then we heard a door slam. It was our teacher Deirdre locking the door.

I think the noise is a baby,“ said Tara surprised.

But there are no babies in the school……… except the baby dolls,” whispered Sofia.

Then all of a sudden, a baby doll was standing right in front of us. All of the baby dolls started to crawl towards us so Tara said, “Lets run!” Every one ran down to the hall but Tara ran in circles. She just couldn’t decide which direction to go in. A baby was about to jump on her but she gave the baby a karate chop and chopped the baby’s head off. Then she ran down to us in the hall where we were waiting patiently.

“I know where our teacher keeps her lunch and her butter knife,” said Conor excitedly.

So we ran to the staff room quickly and opened the drawer that Deirdre kept the butter knife in and her lunch. In the drawer there was a banana, a butter knife and a pair of scissors.

Let’s pick the banana!” we all shouted at the same time.

So we picked up the banana and turned around and we saw a baby with a broomstick in its mouth. We froze for a second then Tara threw the banana at the baby. The baby was flattened up against the wall. We ran past the flattened baby and dashed to the photocopier room. On the way there we saw another baby in a pram singing a creepy song that was like LAA LA LALALA LAAA, we were like Omg, we gotta get out of here so we went to look for a fire escape door in our room. Unfortunately, that door was locked too. We wondered what we were gonna do?

Sofia started crying saying,”What are we going to do now? I am too young and pretty to die.”

Be quiet!” I shouted. “We can stay alive, just stop crying and grab that chair and put it up against that door so the babies can’t get in. We’ll find something to smash the window. Hurry, before they come.”

Sofia put a chair up against the door and we were looking around the place for something hard to smash the window. We looked and looked and then suddenly a baby broke the door down and walked slowly towards us. Tara went crazy and got the baby and hopped the baby’s head off the window until it broke the window. We all dashed through the broken window. I looked back and saw that Sofia was doing the killer babies’ hair and make up.

I shouted, “Come on and stop doing their hair and make up!”

Sofia replied, “Let me get my make up and put it into my bag.”

Before she could finish, Conor grabbed her make up bag and flung it at the babies. Sofia got on her knees and shouted “MY MAKE UP! NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

She started crying so Conor grabbed her and pulled her out the window. We saw a parked car and we ran over and picked up a rock. We needed to escape. Tara got the rock and smashed the window. We opened the door and we hopped into the car.

Luckily, I know how to hot wire a car and I know how to drive,” said Conor bragging. So Conor did just that and we drove off ……….. right into a police car!!!

A policeman got out of the car and asked us what we were doing. We all shouted at the same time so the policeman didn’t understand us. He told us to come with him. He brought us to the Garda Station. We told the guards everything but they did not believe us. So we had to go to court. The judge sentenced us to five years in jail because we broke into a school, smashed the windows and we also broke into a car. It was so unfair. We were totally innocent.

We were in jail when Sofia’s dad came and got her out because her father is so rich, he owns six different companies.

Two days after Sofia left prison, it got really quiet. No guards talked, no one did. In the distance we heard a voice singing, ”La la lala la laaa.”


The End


Conor, Jade,

Sofia and Tara