Maíre’s Mayo Magic – Update

It has come to our attention that one of the teachers in SSP has recently performed some magic spell on a snowman that was built in good faith by members of the school community. This spell obviously paid off for the male GAA team of a neighbouring county last Sunday. We sincerely apologise to all supporters of other teams. And we sincerely congratulate Maíre and her favourite team for reaching the final of the league in 2019.

maire mayoUpdate …

One week later the Mayo team did in fact bring home the trophy for their league title in  2019!

So, for 2020 we would kindly request that Maíre tries the same with a black and white flag.

Update … Summer 2020 …

Well, for 35 minutes the magic powers did their job, but then the effects faded away and within 12 minutes after half time there wasn’t a come back any more – but Mayo wouldn’t be Mayo if they wouldn’t try again next year. Maíre will certainly play her part.


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